The key to competitive insurance pricing is the ability to anticipate and avoid preventable accidents. Once an account is bound, our loss control department may reach out to schedule a visit to discuss class-specific hazards and proactively address safety concerns.


Risk Assessment

Verify Rating Basis and Exposure

Our Loss Control Department may schedule a visit at your place of business to discuss and verify your operations. Because pricing is often based off forecasted exposures, verifying an accurate rating basis helps to avoid unexpected premium changes.


Loss Prevention

Control Risk and Minimize Claims

Avoiding preventable losses is something every insured can do to positively impact their insurance rates. Our Loss Control Department will work with you to identify potential hazards and ensure a plan is in place to eliminate or reduce exposures to protect your business.


Safety and Training

Vehicle Maintenance, Use, Routing and Scheduling

Our Loss Control Team is comprised of extremely knowledgeable professionals who will assist with ideas and materials to improve your safety and training programs.