Message from the President

The key to any successful organization rests with the selection and development of its own personnel and its other business associates. Upon founding RISCOM, I knew that our success would depend entirely upon a proven group of insurance professionals, both within our company and within our selected retail agency partners. We needed quality products and services provided by the very best employees and distributed by the very best retail agencies. With that vision in mind, we’re working hard every day to maintain such a standard of excellence.

By limiting our agency appointments to the most qualified commercial specialists, I believe we can continue to help create competitive new business opportunities for our contracted retail producers. In addition, we will be more successful in developing key relationships with our selected agencies by providing significant franchise value to them. We offer excellent coverage options at competitive rates for the best individual risks. In turn, the best retail producers solicit the best insurance submissions for underwriting. We’ve assembled a dedicated and experienced underwriting team and claims staff with superior knowledge of the insurance marketplace. We’re relying on our established relationships with many of the top retail producers within our underwriting territories to distribute our products. We’ve focused our product niche on only commercial lines to be offered and delivered on a regional basis. And, we’ve contracted to represent outstanding insurance carriers that understand “program” business - it’s all they do. The combined and focused talents of these people and organizations can only result in the delivery of superior insurance products to the ultimate end-user, our insured clients. With all the pieces in place, we are dedicated to writing only high-quality business with only high-quality business partners. We are utilizing cutting-edge technology and processing systems to maximize efficiency and provide industry-leading service. It is our goal to consistently produce underwriting profits that will ensure the longevity of our program. We are enthusiastic about our growing business and are always exploring new opportunities. We look forward to continuing to offer a competitive advantage to all of our retail agency partners for many years to come.

Michael P. Dugan