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There is a world of opportunity outside the box:


At RISCOM, we think "outside of the box" in order to exceed our customers' commercial insurance expectations.


We are a professional insurance underwriting management company specializing in commercial lines.   We offer Commercial Automobile (including local and intermediate radius motor carrier), Commercial General Liability, Commercial Property, Inland Marine and Garage products.  Every account is considered individually.  We take a competitive but responsible approach to select the very best risks.  We are focused on timely underwriting and policy processing service.

Commercial Auto

At RISCOM, commercial auto policies are our specialty.  Our underwriting and claims professionals are experienced in the commercial auto coverage arena.

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Commercial Property

Commercial property insurance can be hard to place in Louisiana.  After Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, many insurance companies that did offer commercial property coverage either left the state or stopped writing new business in Louisiana.  As a Louisiana owned and operated company, we know the state of Louisiana.  We are proud to offer our neighbors and business associates commercial property insurance in a manner that also assures a reasonable underwriting profit expectation for our carrier partners.

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General Liability

General liability insurance is a necessary coverage for all businesses.  In today’s litigious society, precautions have to be taken to protect businesses from financial ruin in the event that a claim is filed against them.

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RISCOM writes Garage coverage for both dealer and service risks which may include Garage Keepers coverage and Dealer’s Open Lot coverage.  This coverage offers protection for an insured’s premises, operations, and auto exposures.

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Inland Marine

RISCOM offers Inland Marine coverage in conjunction with the other lines to complete the insurance package.   Inland Marine product offerings include Motor Truck Cargo and Contractors Equipment coverage. RISCOM can provide a variety of deductible options and coverage forms to meet the needs of each individual risk.

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RISCOM Wholesale

RISCOM Wholesale has underwriting capabilities for specialty lines programs including GL, Property, Inland Marine, Umbrella/Excess, Pollution, as well as Professional needs. We also offer a BOP product which allows us to quote more of your risks. Consider RISCOM for your Garage, Apartments, Dwelling/Habitational Risks, Lessor’s Risk, Artisan Contractors, Lawn Care Services, and more!

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